What if your pet was home alone in a storm?
Ask your neighbour to check on them in a disaster.
If disaster hit, could your neighbours take care of themselves?
Be the one in the street who'll check on them.
Plan your emergency kit today
Two of the most important steps you can take are to prepare your household emergency kit and your evacuation kit.
What if your road home was blocked in a disaster?
Would you have an alternative plan?
Find latest events & activities
Enter your location to find the latest events & activities in your area.
Plan your emergency kit
Your emergency kit contains essential items that will equip you in the event of an emergency.
Make a plan with your neighbour
Think about people in your neighbourhood who may need your help.
Prepare your home
Taking steps now can improve the safety of your home during an emergency.
If It's flooded, forget it
Plan to deal with flooded roads on your regular journeys
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15 Oct
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15 Oct
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14 Oct
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10 Oct
Today, we're paying tribute to fallen firefighters for Firefighter Remembrance Day.
9 Oct
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